OKI Printer Driver Compatibility with Mac OS X 'Mountain Lion'


Apple released their latest version of Mac OS X called Mountain Lion (10.8) in July 2012

The document below provides details of the availability of OKI Printer drivers with 'Mountain Lion' for OKI's portfolio of colour and mono printers and multifunctional devices.

 [OKI Printer Driver Compatibility with Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Revision 1.7]

This document will continue to be updated as and when new information becomes available.

If your printer model is not listed in the document please contact your local Oki support representative.

The following limitations may be experienced when an OS X Lion driver from the website is used on a 'Mountain Lion' operating system:

1. Default setting of GateKeeper
The following message or similar will appear and prevent startup:
"MAC_OS_Lion" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
Your security preferences allow installation only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.

* Please note this message will not appear during installation from the CD.

Please follow the procedure below to launch OS X Lion supported software downloaded from the web:

(i) Press the Control key and click software
(ii) Select “Open” form the pop-up menu
(iii) Click “Open”

Alternately, you can change the default settings: Changing OS settings and enabling installation with 'Mountain Lion'

2. Add a Printer
The message "The printer software was installed incorrectly. Would you like it to be repaired?" will appear when you click on the [Add] button after selecting the device and the driver in the procedure to 'Add a Printer'.

- When the [Repair] button is pressed, some file authorities will be changed and it will continue the installation process.
- When the [Cancel] button is pressed, the installation process will end.

The above will also occur with the software from the CD.

3. Scanner Driver (Image Capture)
The 'Lion' driver will not scan correctly on the 'Mountain Lion' operating system.
The Scanner driver's User interface is displayed as collapsed.
When the [Overview] button and [Scan] button are clicked the message "Scanner reported an error" is displayed.

The Scanner ICA Driver version 1.0.8 has been updated to support Image Capture with the following models.

MB441, MB451, MB460, MB461, MB470, MB471, MB480, MB491, ES4160 MFP, ES4161 MFP, ES4180 MFP, ES4191 MFP,
MC351, MC352, MC361, MC362, MC561, MC562, ES3451MFP, ES3452 MFP, ES3461MFP, ES5461 MFP, ES5462 MFP,
MC851, MC860, MC861, ES8451 MFP, ES8460 MFP, ES8461 MFP

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